Company About

Cookin Food was founded in 2012 by two restaurateurs, one baker and two chefs. We know that what we do is not particularly unique, create prepared food in mass quantity but it is how we achieve the end result that makes us both innovative and unconventional in the field of mass-produced food. We believe in making food by hand, with the freshest possible ingredients and that it what we do, seven days a week. Today we create and execute customized solutions for transport: trains, airplanes, vending machines as well as for local cafés and markets that sell ready-made foods. All menus are planned together with our clients and created and tested by our executive chefs, as it is their daily hands-on involvement that ensures culinary consistency and top of the line food quality.

Our food is fresh, nutritious and always pleasing to the eye. We do not put anything in our products that you wouldn’t put on your own table. We pride ourselves in our food preparation processes even when we know there are easier ways to make mass quantities of food, but we will not compromise quality and taste for the sake of convenience. Instead, we create unique and savory food concepts that you want to eat. At Cookin Food, we try to stay as “home-made” as possible and always use fresh ingredients when viable. We have our own bakery, make our own mayonnaise and salad dressings as well as cure our own meats and fishes. We take great pride in our methods because we know that you will taste and love the difference.

Our Mission

Our mission is to never compromise our values while being the preferred company of choice for clients seeking prepared foods. This will be accomplished by offering more choice, better service and superior quality products.