Food Concepts Our Chefs

Tony DeMyers – Executive Chef

Chef DeMyers’ love for food comes from the small island of Öland, in the south of Sweden, where he was born, raised and years later went to culinary school. Having worked as head chef and sous chef in Sydney, New York and Stockholm, Chef DeMyers brings his experience and genuine love for food to Cookin Food’s wide variety of dishes. “What we do is quite unique. Unlike other big companies we make as much as we can by hand. We prep together, we cook together and we plate together. It feels like a big restaurant kitchen but instead of serving a hundred people every day we serve thousands.”

Anders Palacios – Executive Chef

Chef Anders Palacios is from Stockholm Sweden. He has 15 years experience working in top restaurants in both Stockholm and New York. Using traditional techniques, his dishes taste modern and thoughtfully designed. “In many ways, what we do in mass production is similar to how we work in restaurants but with one very big challenge: the food we make needs to look good and stay fresh for a longer period and in a limited space. We therefore look carefully at each ingredient, consider textures and colors and look at the different ways we can present, a sometimes complete, meal in a small box or tray.”