Company Production

Capacity: 50,000 products per day

Logistics & Equipment

At Cookin Food we understand the full picture of customer needs, including production requirements and marketing needs and we therefore provide product creation, production, as well as logistics support. We are staffed with a team of culinary chefs, safety and hygiene technicians, quality control personnel and a logistical support staff who aligns all functions to unsure timely delivery of goods.

At our state of the art facility we work with high-tech equipment for the mass production of hot and cold foods of the highest and most consistent quality. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to apply lean and efficient processes to the benefit of the environment, as well as our customers. In addition to streamlining production we help with branding, including our work with an established and customizable packaging team and we provide in-house labeling. We have an industrial labeling system, which results in consistent and automatic label application and we recognize and evaluate all the necessary requirements for labeling, and placement.

Operational Process

After client briefings all meals are created in small production runs to make sure that quality of product in terms of taste and aesthetics are on par with top restaurants quality. Once a final product is agreed upon production begins according to schedule. All foods are executed from start to finish in our facilities; this includes preparation, cooking, boxing/wrapping and labeling. Foods are prepared and packed, as much as possible, by hand to make sure it looks every bit as good as it tastes. We have three zones for safety and hygiene protocol and 3 state-of-the-art production lines capable of producing as much as 50,000 products per day.Our assembly lines consist of a fantastic and quick working team of chefs that make sure each box is packaged in accordance to approved specifications.

Our Promise

We promise on-time delivery of outstanding prepared foods, with seasoned transportation teams that support our production staff to insure to-the-minute delivery.