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Food safety, quality control and operational security are our top priorities at Cookin Food. In-house safety protocols as well as affiliated supplier processes, facility inspections and product monitoring are part of our daily work and production line processes are thoroughly inspected to safeguard the quality and safety of our food.

Carolina Englund Gonzalez – QA

Carolina has worked with food, food safety and quality issues since 2004 and has been working at Cookin Food since 2015.

Previously, she worked with food in hospitals as section director of Landstinget. ”Although there are two very different industries and type of end consumer, there are a lot of similarities to how our products are produced, and especially in terms of safety and control.” Carolina’s main tasks are the daily check of Cookin’s production facilities and products, and ongoing food hygiene work. Carolina also works with recipe verification, label production and supply controls. "We value long-term relationships with the suppliers that live up to our needs and requirements. Food have a major impact on the environment and we see our role in this as very important. Cookin always consider each step in the process carefully and in that way we try to minimize our footprints on the environment.”

"I think Cookin Foods special strength and potential lies largely in our ability to combine the efficiency of a large scale kitchen, the economic thinking of the restaurant world and last but not least the details of a fine dining experience”