Food safety, quality control and operational security are our top priorities at Cookin Food. In-house safety protocols as well as affiliated supplier processes, facility inspections and product monitoring are part of our daily work and production line processes are thoroughly inspected to safeguard the quality and safety of our food.

Quality Assurance

Safety, good hygiene, and environmental responsibility hold high priority. At Cookin, we have rigorous safety standards and guidelines to minimize environmental impact.

Safety and Hygiene

At Cookin Food we are dedicated to operating a clean and safe workplace. We have rigorous food safety standards and the result can be seen in our proven track record of delivering quality foods that are both consistently safe and delicious.

Our production area is divided into three clearly segregated zones that strictly observed to ensure complete separation of raw and cooked products as well temperature controls, thereby avoiding risk of cross contamination.

We employ our own health and safety expert who has over 10 years experience in the field. His daily work includes durability tests and verification nutritional values of all food. Additional tasks within our safety and hygiene protocol include:

  • Inspection of delivery vehicles that deliver our rawgoods, as well as the ingredients themselves.

  • Monitor and documentation of sanitizationprocesses.

  • Widespread facility reviews and methodical foodsafety checks including bacterial control tests.

  • Automatic digital temperature detection duringpreparation, cooking times and storage periods.

  • Monitor temperatures of both ovens andrefrigerators throughout the day, via automatic control logs.

  • Final temperature checks on all cooked foods.

Additionally we are ISO certified and follow HACCP guidelines, which are amongst the strictest in the world and based on EU principles.

Environmental Responsibility

Food production and transport services have an immense impact on the environment. At Cookin Food we are committed to reducing our environmental impact through increased investments in clean technologies and product waste management, to reduce our environmental impact.

Good logistics and purchasing plans also help us uphold our commitment to conserving resources by keeping food waste to an absolute minimum. In our supply chain we look for eco-friendly suppliers that adhere to lean, environmentally friendly practices with green sourcing and manufacturing methods (see our supplier list).

Furthermore, working in Sweden, there are several national and regional regulations associated with our business with which we observe; such recycling stations for glass, metals, plastics, paper and compost.